About Us

What is BORK?

Founded in 2019, the BORK brand was created to provide quality products to the most dynamic duo - pets & their owners.

The story behind BORK Co

BORK started as the present day equivalent of your local mom & pop shop. We saw the need for a reputable, quality, and modern pet brand offering premium products. Since mid-2019, we have been working to execute that vision.

One of the things we're passionate about is pet health. However, we discovered one of the most overlooked facets of this topic is pet hydration. While humans are made up of 55-60% water, pets bodies are made up of 80% H2O. This means that pets require more water per ounce of body weight than most people would assume. At home, it isn't difficult to make sure pets are drinking to their hearts content; fill up the bowl, and refill when empty. When on the go, this becomes more difficult. Pet hydration is most neglected during times of travel, exercise, daily outings, etc. For this reason, we created the BORK Pet Water Bottle to help alleviate the inconveniences associated with hydrating your pet on the go. As we continue to do our part for the health of our furry friends - we hope you will do yours in making sure to keep them hydrated!

With your support, we look forward to continuing to provide high quality products in this competitive market, and further expanding our offerings. Thank you for taking the time to get to know BORK!